ThanksGavin in Review

The 2010 ThanksGavin, or the anual 4 day feast of Gavin/Flitter gluttony is officially over. I wanted to create a central post to link to the collection. The central four events of the annual calendar are as follows:

The holy tetralogy:
Wednesday night dinner
Thursday night Thanksgiving Feast
Friday night at Chez Abbe et Jon
Saturday Deli Brunch

Non canonical events:
Dinner at Little Saigon
Sunday Snack
Monday dinner at Mon Ami
Tuesday lunch at Coastal Flats
Wednesday lunch at Ping Pong
Wednesday dinner at Panjshir
Turkey sandwich for the flight home

4 comments on “ThanksGavin in Review

  1. […] not particularly rich — but was very good. Given that I was coming off the gluttony of the ThanksGavin, light was a good […]

  2. […] was back at my parents for the ThanksGavin and I noticed the magazine cover to the right sitting in their powder room. This ceramic dog head, […]

  3. […] Tavern take on the east coast fish breakfast, like we had at the ThanksGavin. They substituted a chevre (fresh goat cheese) for the cream cheese. This worked extremely well, I […]

  4. […] a trip back east, mega editing on my own book, and another parental visit last week I only had time to read five or […]

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