LA Sushi Index

Because you can never have too much raw fish

The subtitle says it all, but essentially because LA has so much good Sushi, and people are always asking me for sushi recommends, I made a separate Sushi Index.

You can always find the main FOOD INDEX on the right side bar (the knife and fork icon), and the Sushi Index is below under Top Posts as “LA Sushi.”

Los Angeles Area Sushi

(click links below for detailed photo reviews)

Echigo Japanese / Sushi
Go’s Mart (meal 1) Japanese / Sushi
Go’s Mart (meal 2) Japanese / Sushi
The Hump Japanese / Sushi
Kiriko Sushi Japanese / Sushi
Matsuhisa Japanese Fusion
Matsuhisa (private room) Japanese Fusion
Mori Sushi Japanese / Sushi
N/Naka (meal 1) Japanese / Modern Kaiseki
N/Naka (meal 2) Japanese / Modern Kaiseki
Nobu Malibu Japanese Fusion
Ozumo New Style Sushi
Pearl Dragon Asian Fusion / Sushi
Sasabune (meal 1) Japanse / Sushi
Sasabune (meal 2) Japanse / Sushi
Sushi Don Japanese / Sushi
Sushi House Unico New Style Sushi
Sushi Sushi (med omakase) Japanese / Sushi
Sushi Sushi (a la carte) Japanese / Sushi
Sushi Sushi (big omakase) Japanese / Sushi
Sushi Sushi (small omakase) Japanese / Sushi
Sushi Zo Japanese / Sushi
Takao (meal 1) Japanese / Sushi
Takao (meal 2) Japanese / Sushi
Takao (meal 3) Japanese / Sushi
Takao (meal 4) Japanese / Sushi
Takao (meal 5 – big omakase) Japanese / Sushi
Urwasawa Japanese / Kaiseki / Sushi

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