Index of Food Reviews

Los Angeles Area

Akbar Indian
Bastide Modern French
The Bazaar Spanish Molecular Gastronomy
Bistro LQ (meal 1) Modern French
Bistro LQ (truffles!) Modern French
Blue Plate Oysterette American Seafood
Bouchon French Bistro
Brentwood American
Capo (meal 1) Cal Italian
Capo (valentines) Cal Italian
Capo (meal 3) Cal Italian
Chan Dara Modern Thai
Chili Addiction Comfort Food
Craft New American
Caffe Delfini Italian
Divino Italian
Drago Italian
Echigo Japanese / Sushi
Fig Farmer’s Market Californian
Fogo de Chao Brazilian BBQ
Ford’s Filling Station Gastropub
Fraiche French / Italian / Spanish
Fraiche Santa Monica (meal 1) French / Italian
Fraiche Santa Monica (meal 2) French / Italian
Fraiche SM (Wine Dinner) New American
Getty Villa (Apicius) Ancient Roman
Gjelina Meal 1 Farmer’s Market Californian
Gjelina Meal 2 Farmer’s Market Californian
Gjelina Brunch Farmer’s Market Californian
Gladstones by the Sea (meal 1) American Seafood
Gladstones (meal 2) American Seafood
Go’s Mart (meal 1) Japanese / Sushi
Go’s Mart (meal 2) Japanese / Sushi
Hatfield’s meal 1 Modern American
Hatfield’s meal 2 Modern American
Hostaria del Piccolo Italian
Houstons American
The Hump Japanese / Sushi
The Hungry Cat (SM) Seafood
Jer-ne Cal American
JiRaffe Cal French
Joan’s on Third Cafe
Joe’s Restaurant New American
Josie Restaurant New American
Kiriko Sushi Japanese / Sushi
Kreation Kafe Cal Med
La Cachette Bistro meal 1 French Bistro
La Cachette Bistro meal 2 French Bistro
Locanda Portofino Italian
La Sandia Mexican
La Serenata Mexican
The Lobster American Seafood
Ludobites 6.0 Eclectic Modern
Ludobites 7.0 Eclectic Modern
Lukshon Modern Asian
Malibu Wines Winery
Manpuku Japanese Yakiniku
Mastro’s Steak House
Matsuhisa Japanese Fusion
Matsuhisa (private room) Japanese Fusion
Melisse meal 1 California French
Melisse meal 2 California French
Mezze Modern Middle Eastern
Mizu 212 Japanese Shabu Shabu
Moko Modern Korean
Momed Cal Med
Mori Sushi Japanese / Sushi
N/Naka (meal 1) Japanese / Modern Kaiseki
N/Naka (meal 2) Japanese / Modern Kaiseki
Nobu Malibu Japanese Fusion
Ocean Avenue Seafood American Seafood
Ortolan Modern French
Osteria Latini (meal 1) Italian
Osteria Latini (meal 2) Italian
Osteria Latini (meal 3) Italian
Ozumo New Style Sushi
The Palace Chinese Dim Sum
Palmeri (meal 1) Italian
Palmeri (meal 2) Italian
Paradise Cove American Seafood
Paulette Macarons French Macaroon Bakery
Pearl Dragon Asian Fusion / Sushi
Pecorino Italian (Abruzzo)
Picca (meal 1) Peruvian Fusion
Picca (meal 2) Peruvian Fusion
Piccolo (meal 1) Italian
Piccolo (meal 2) Italian
Bar Pintxo Spanish Tapas
The Polo Lounge American
Pizzeria Mozza Modern Neapolitan Pizza
Red Medicine (meal 1) Modernized Vietnamese
Red Medicine (meal 2) Modernized Vietnamese
El Rincon Criollo Cuban / Spanish
Rivera Nuevo Latino
Riviera Country Club American
Rustic Canyon (meal 1) Farmer’s Market Californian
Rustic Canyon (meal 2) Farmer’s Market Californian
Rustic Canyon (meal 3) Farmer’s Market Californian
Rustic Canyon (meal 4) Farmer’s Market Californian
Saam (at The Bazaar, meal 1) Spanish Molecular Gastronomy
Saam (at The Bazaar, meal 2) Spanish Molecular Gastronomy
Saddle Peak Lodge Modern American
Sam’s by the Beach (meal 1) Cal French International
Sam’s by the Beach (meal 2) Cal French International
Sam’s by the Beach (meal 3) Cal French International
Sasabune (meal 1) Japanse / Sushi
Sasabune (meal 2) Japanse / Sushi
Shamshiri Grill Persian
Sotto (meal 1) Southern Italian
Sotto (meal 2) Southern Italian
Sunnin Lebanese
Sushi Don Japanese / Sushi
Sushi House Unico New Style Sushi
Sushi Sushi (med omakase) Japanese / Sushi
Sushi Sushi (a la carte) Japanese / Sushi
Sushi Sushi (big omakase) Japanese / Sushi
Sushi Sushi (small omakase) Japanese / Sushi
Sushi Zo Japanese / Sushi
Sweet Rose Creamery Ice Cream
Takao (meal 1) Japanese / Sushi
Takao (meal 2) Japanese / Sushi
Takao (meal 3) Japanese / Sushi
Takao (meal 4) Japanese / Sushi
Takao (meal 5 – big omakase) Japanese / Sushi
Tavern (brunch 1) Farmer’s Market Californian
Tavern (brunch 2) Farmer’s Market Californian
Tavern (brunch 3) Farmer’s Market Californian
Tavern (dinner) Farmer’s Market Californian
Taverna Tony Greek
Tofu Ya Korean
Totoraku Japanese Yakiniku
Trés (brunch) Spanish Modern
Trés (lunch) Spanish Modern
Upper West Gastropub
Upstairs 2 Modern Tapas
Urwasawa Japanese
Via Alloro Italian
Villetta Italian
Vu (meal 1) Molecular American
Vu (meal 2) Molecular American
Waterloo & City (meal 1) Gastropub
Waterloo & City (meal 2) Gastropub
Wilshire Modern American
Xino (meal 1) Modern Chinese / Dim sum
Xino (meal 2) Modern Chinese / Dim sum
Yogurt Shoppe Frozen Yogurt
Yojie Sukiyaki / Shabu Shabu
Zengo (meal 1) Asian-Latin Fusion
Zengo (meal 2) Asian-Latin Fusion
Zengo (meal 3) Asian-Latin Fusion

For an index of just LA Sushi, CLICK HERE.

Washington D.C.

Coastal Flats Coastal Southern American
Little Saigon (meal 1) Vietnamese
Little Saigon (meal 2) Vietnamese
Panjshir Afghan
Ping Pong Modern Dim Sum
Mon Ami Gabi French Bistro
Tidewater Grille Coastal Southern American
Mark’s Duck House Cantonese Chinese

Las Vegas

é by José Andrés Spanish Molecular Gastronomy
Jaleo by José Andrés Spainish
Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Modern French
Wynn Breakfast Buffet Everything


Umbria Modern American


Botin Traditional Spanish
Calima Molecular Spanish Gastronomy
La Terraza Molecular Spanish Gastronomy


Eating Italy 2011

Home Cooking

Chanukah in Style
Gobbler’s Last Stand – The Sandwich
Italian Iberian Snack
Lasagna “Bolognese”
ThanksGavin 2010 in Review
ThanksGavin 2010 Saturday is for Salt
ThanksGavin 2010 Pork Insanity
ThanksGavin 2010 The Feast Itself
Ghosts of ThanksGavins Past 2002-2010
Andy’s Spanish Eggs
Birthday Breakfasts
Panini at Home
March Dinner Party
The Hillel Sandwich
Passover – day 1
Passover – day 2
Passover Tuna Melt
Memorial Day Pig
September Dinner Party (gazpacho)
New Year’s Feast
Breakfast = Carbs + Salt
Margaritas – The Mix
Margaritas – Mother’s Day
Ultimate Pizza – The Dough
Ultimate Pizza – The Pesto
Ultimate Pizza – The Sauce
Ultimate Pizza – The Toppings
Ultimate Pizza – New Years
Ultimate Pizza – Day 2
Ultimate Pizza – Day 3
Ultimate Pizza – The Birthday
Ultimate Pizza – The Comeback
There is Burrata
Ultimate Pizza in Review

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