Foodie Club

I organize a Foodie Club with my friend Erick (known as EP). Roughly monthly we do particularly extravagant dinners. These not only have obscenely good (and lengthy) meal services, but also particularly lavish wine (from my cellar).

You can always find the main FOOD INDEX on the right side bar (the knife and fork icon), and this foodie index is below under Top Posts as “Foodie Dinners.” You can also see inline all the Foodie Club posts by clicking here.

Foodie Club Dinners

(click links below for detailed photo reviews)

Bastide Modern French
Bistro LQ (truffles!) Modern French
Melisse meal 1 California French
Melisse meal 2 California French
Saam (at The Bazaar) Spanish Molecular Gastronomy
Sona (just photos) California French
Totoraku Japanese Yakiniku
Go’s Mart Japanese / Sushi
Fraiche Ultimo Wine Dinner New American
N/Naka Japanese / Modern Kaiseki
Ludobites 7.0 Eclectic Modern
Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Modern French
é by José Andrés Spanish Molecular Gastronomy
Lukshon Modern Asian

Foodie Club Founders

Andy Gavin

Erick “EP” Pangilinan

Simon Craghead

18 comments on “Foodie Club

  1. […] ever-patient wife wasn’t up to it. So I went last March with two other glutton gourmands (my Foodie Club) and we went to town. We even added in some supplements. This meal was 7-8 months ago so I […]

  2. […] foodie friend EP wanted to do a final Foodie Club night before he left for year end vacation so we hastily (24 hours) gathered a few like-minded […]

  3. […] in December my Foodie Club friends and I had heard about this crazy “19 course truffle dinner” Bistro LQ was going […]

  4. […] open Thurs-Sat it took me a while to manage it. So made it the destination of our fifth official Foodie Club […]

  5. […] particular meal is the March Foodie Club meeting. And yeah, we’re late by a week (for March). We took eight […]

  6. […] the April Foodie Club meeting, following hot on the heels of the March one, we decided to tackle Bastide. This has always […]

  7. […] The Food Club has been talking about taking a trip to Go’s Mart for months, but we finally got around to organizing it. For those of you who don’t know, Go’s Mart is a tiny strip mall joint in Canoga Park with some of the best sushi in the entire LA area. Go has a unique take on the art, as you will see below. My partner in crime, Erick, has been coming here for over ten years and he called Go (the owner/chef) up and arranged for a “special” omakase for us. For scheduling reasons we decided on a very long Saturday lunch. So I went down tot he cellar and prepped the above lineup of sushi friendly wines, mostly whites and a couple lighter red Burgundies. Go doesn’t have a liquor license, so there is no corkage! […]

  8. […] that he had two free spots. As soon as he sent me the food & wine menu (below) I called up my Foodie Club partner in crime and we jumped on it. You’ll see why in a […]

  9. […] our giant Go Sushi love-fest one of my Foodie Club members suggested I check out this Sawtelle sushi joint. He said it was great. Twist my arm! So I […]

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