Please Move to New Blog

Almost three weeks on the new host. Same address:

Again, the subscription list was reset, so if you haven’t subscribed to the new one, go there and enter your email in the subscription box on the right, fill out the captcha, then click the link in the email that feedburner sends you. Or subscribe directly at  I apologize if you’ve already done this. There doesn’t seem a way for me to trim subscribers off the old list. But fear not, this is the last, or close to last pester.

Also, if you read the blog through RSS (Google reader etc) or some other subscription service and are seeing this message — which is only on the old blog — then update your feeds to point at or use feedburner. The old blog is at but it’s kaput. Move on over. The new one is so much sexier anyway.



New Mailing List

Dear subscribers,

The blog is now fully up and running on it’s new host — same url

Yesterday, I sent each of you a feedburner email to subscribe to the new google powered mailing list. If you have not, please take a second to click on the activate link in that email and resubscribe. You can also subscribe here at: or go to the new blog and reenter your email in the right hand sidebar subscription form (which will resend you an activation email).

Thank you!


Moved to New Server

I’ve moved the DNS over to the new server. It might take hours to switch over, but if you see this page (with this post) then you’re on the old server and it will change soon enough. Please don’t post comments here anymore.

If you were on the email subscriber list, please subscribe yourself via the new site’s widget on the righthand sidebar. The new site is easily recognizable by it’s different looking theme with the yellowish “spooky art” header bar. I’ve switched over to using feedburner as my subscription management. I’ll import the emails at some point so either way you will receive a confirmation email about signing up for the new service. Please click the confirmation link and you’ll be back in business. This old list will not receive many further updates.

Moving on Up

I’m moving my hosting from to MediaTemple in the next 24 to 48 hours. The site should remain up but I won’t be doing my daily posts until things are settled out with the move.

Expect theme and feature changes and improvements. By hosting it myself there are all sorts of plugins that I can add: like Facebook comments! There may be some (hopefully) brief wonkiness as I add them though, or the occasional broken feature on the site that was supported by some feature that I have to replace.

Thanks for your patience.