Eating Milano Marittima – Al Caminetto

Restaurant: Al Caminetto

Location: Cervia / Milano Marittima, Italy

Date: June 10, 2011

Cuisine: Adriatic Seafood

Rating: Great service, great food


For our anniversary my wife, me, and our family went out to what the locals described as “the best restaurant in town.”

This is a large, lovely, and lively joint — packed to the brim with large parties. We must have observed at least half a dozen birthdays or other assorted celebrations.

The poured us all glasses of prosecco right out of the gate.

And brought some pre-bread, basically pizza dough.

Then tehy came around with these steamed clams and chickpeas.

Seen here closer up. We thought these were all freebees, but they did turn up on the bill!

Just a bit of menu!

We started with this Gavi white. Not bad, but not really my favorite Italian white of the trip.

Various butters.

Pickled onions.

Raw food, eaten on toast with the onions. Yum.

Salted peel and eat shrimp, like at a chinese restaurant.

Fritto Misto!

One portion.

Insalta Misto. You will continue to see a lot of these.

This wine i really liked. Soave is a very nice white.

Some mongo crabs in the tank, about twenty inches across each.

Penne gorgonzola.

Linguine with salmon and cream.

Mixed grill! I don’t know what the flat purple backed creatures are, and while they tasted fine, they sure had a lot of legs.

Grilled veggies.

Spaghetti del mare.

A single portion.

Close up.

The wave of desserts begins with limon sorbet mixed with prosecco.

Mixed cookies.

Some moscato. Two dessert drinks!

An anniversary tiramisu with sparkler.

A slice of that. Tasty, full of cream.

Then they bring by the dessert cart.

And I can’t resist a slice of cassata. I never get cassata, and while this is only the mainland Italian type, and not my all time favorite cassata di Sicilianna, it was still good.

A profiterole, drowned.

Then some “bonus” (again on the bill) fruit. Pretty spectacular.

I wander to find they have a pizza oven. What doesn’t this place have?

Ladies even get a parting gift of merengues. This place was pretty darn fun. Everything tasted wonderful too. The only downside was the bill, but hey you only have your 10th anniversary once (well at least you SHOULD only have it once).

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