Eating Milano Marittima – Notte E Di’

Restaurant: Ristorante Notte E Di’

Location: Cervia / Milano Marittima, Italy

Date: June 10, 2011

Cuisine: Pizza etc

Rating: Great pizza place, bug menu


After a morning touring ancient mosaics in Ravenna we were hanking for pizza — having reached a certain saturation level on good pasta (how would have thought that possibile?). We located a likely prospect on the Milano Marittima main drag, this time making sure that the pizza oven was on.

They had a huge menu, but i only photoed the pizza section.

Insalta Misto.

And the condiments. This place had a hot oil!

One of us evidently wasn’t ready to make the pasta -> pizza transition. Pistoli del mare. Look at that squidy goodness!

Pizza fungi.

Four cheese with arugula.

And my brother and I went for the “house for two,” which requires this stand.

It had prosciutto, arugula, sausage, mushrooms, and various cheeses.  Mmmm good. The crust was perfect too.

Check out the size!

And they brought us Limoncello (nicely chilled) at the end. Like melted lemon drops with a kick.


And a bit of foam for those that need to take it as a macchiato.

This was a fantastic pizza place, just what we wanted.

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2 comments on “Eating Milano Marittima – Notte E Di’

  1. mmmmmmmmmm yummmmmmm – I am enjoying every meal

  2. […] Santa Lucia was a nice little pizza place, not quite as good as Pretorio in Tuscany, but in the three or so best we had on the trip (the third being Pizzeria Notte E Di). […]

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