Untimed – Two Novels, Check!

Today I reached a milestone and finished the first draft of my second novel, tentatively titled Untimed. Now this doesn’t really mean it’s done, revision is usually more work than the first draft. Still, it’s a book. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Untimed is the first book in YA time travel series. I haven’t written a log line yet, but it’s currently 70,000 words, and is a lean-mean-fast-paced first person present story about a boy whose name no one remembers — not even his mother.

Oh, and it features Ben Franklin, Napoleon, a male gang leader that wears red high heels, and the Tick-Tocks, creepy clockwork time traveling machines from the future.

I started it Feb 9, 2011 and finished the first draft May 20, 2011. I took about three weeks “off” to work on revisions of The Darkening Dream. So that’s roughly three months. My output was actually slower (as measured in words) than with TDD, because a don’t overwrite now. If anything Untimed is underwritten and certainly needs a lot of character work in revision, which might make it grow slightly.

I learned a lot of things from problems with TDD (mostly fixed in my many many revisions). I learned to find a place to start your story that really hooks BEFORE starting to write. I learned not to write any scenes that involved merely going from place to place. I learned not to flash back. I learned to stick with the plot, not the sub plots. And a whole lot more.

And I tried to outline the entire story before I wrote it, failed miserably, and concluded that I’m really a pantser (a seat of the pants writer).

For info on my first (and completed) novel, click here.

ps. If you’re one of my many dedicated beta readers, and want to offer early high level feed back, send me a note.

11 comments on “Untimed – Two Novels, Check!

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  2. Lauren says:

    I’m always happy to read things. It sounds really interesting! I will probably be more prompt this time, also. 😛

    • agavin says:

      Cool! 🙂 I’ll send you a draft after I do a sweep for stupid mistakes. It still needs a lot of work (like any first draft), particularly in the area of character, but it can be hard to figure out oneself HOW to fix things.

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  7. When will that be available to the public? The cover is really cool, can’t wait to read that. Oh, thank you for the copy of the Darkening Dream, I reviewed it on Goodreads and I will also probably review it here on WP. I enjoyed it a lot.

    • agavin says:

      It will be released, but I can’t say when yet. I’m shopping it to publishers right now. As soon as I have a release date I will post it on the untamed page and in a blog post.

      Glad you liked TDD! And thanks for the reviews. I just started a new (third) book too. I’ll post about it when I get a bit further.


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