Ultimate Pizza – The Dough

For New Years those with toddlers tend to stay in, but we’re having friends over and making our Ultimate Homemade Pizzas. This is an involved process so I’m going to split both the prep itself and the event itself into multiple posts. We’ll begin with the dough. I’d put our pizzas up against even the likes of Mozza, and it all starts with the dough. While it doesn’t take long to make, you have to do it 48-72 hours in advance. Slow fermentation in the fridge is key to yummy dough with the right texture.

And high quality ingredients like this single vineyard olive oil.

Here is the slate of ingredients. Olive oil, two kinds of flour (more on that later), salt, ice water, and bakers yeast.

The righthand flour will be familiar, but on the left we have an essential ingredient to great Neapolitan pizza. Farina “00”. Imported from Naples. This is finer and makes a stickier dough than American flower. It’s key to a very thin crispy pizza. However, 100% “00” makes for a very thin and challenging dough — difficult to shape and maneuver. So we mix the two 50/50.

Flour, yeast, and salt go in the mixer under the “dough hook.”

The hard part is getting the consistency right is hard. You slowly add ice water.

And olive oil.

Until you can get it shaped into a big alien cocoon-like blob. It takes some practice.

Then you flour up the board.

Do some serious whacking of the dough to break up the glutens.

Then slice and ball.

The waiting pizza larve.

We wrap them up in plastic wrap and toss them into the fridge for 2-3 days. The cool temperature retards the fermentation of the dough, slowing it down to allow nice small bubbles to form. When the time comes, I take them out of the fridge two hours before baking time to warm them up.

Ultimate Pizza CONTINUES HERE.