In between Pizza, there is Burrata

As if you can’t tell, I like cheese. A lot. Many many different kinds of cheese. About 15 years ago I was at Valentino Restaurant in Santa Monica and I discovered Burrata. This is a fresh Italian cheese, originally from Apulia (the boot heel). It’s name means “buttered” in Italian, and it’s basically a mozzarella ball into which fresh cream is injected. When I make Ultimate Pizza (CLICK HERE for details), I always buy some Burrata and I often eat it as a snack in the day to follow.

We are blessed in Los Angeles to have locally made fresh Burrata. It isn’t made in very many places in the states — and it doesn’t travel at all. In fact you must eat it 3-5 days after it’s made. Sooner is better. I buy mine at Bay Cities Deli or Guidi Marcello. You could drive to long beach and get it at the source, but why…

Burrata is fine on its own, but it really shines with just a subtle touch of extra juice. In this case on a bed of fresh arugala, tossed with meyer lemon juice and fresh ground peper.

Observe the intensely white creamy texture. Burrata has a silky outside and a creamy inside. My homemade pesto is to the left, it goes well with the white stuff.

On the bed, ready to be dressed.

Burrata doesn’t need a snazy outfit. Single vineyard olive oil and some balsamic must will do. This is a delectable combo, much like a dressing, but much classier. Must is fresh pressed grape juice, and it’s much sweeter than true balsamic (which is also heavenly).

I put some little dabs of the pesto and Tikka Masala Sauce on the side (in the back). A little such of this can add a little punch to the salad. The Masala was an experiment, as I had it in the house. But a successful one.

It must be noted that Burrata is so creamy eating it is an intensely sensual experience. Lest you think I’m crazy I’m not the only one who feels this way.