Margarita Madness – Mother’s Day

Yesterday I covered the making of awesome margarita mix. Today I’ll show how easy it is to pull the stuff out of the fridge and turn it into incredible frozen drinks.

The secret here is the Blendtec. Every summer I used to go through 2-3 “professional” grade blenders. They just couldn’t cut the job of of hacking ice to bits all summer. Fourth of July alone was certain to kill one or two. Enter the Blendtec. Yeah, it’s an expensive blender, but this puppy has lasted 4 years now without a hiccup, making it cheaper than all those dudes, and it tears anything to shreds.

It has like 256 built in programs, and even a USB port (never used it) for programming. But it does have all sorts of fancy dynamic speed stuff and auto detection and prevention of cavitation (when the ice gets stuck on the side and stops blending).

You can see the mix on the right. Just add some ice and frozen fruit to the bucket. In this case I used strawberries, rasberries, blackberries, and cherries.

Fill about halfway with mix. Blend.

I forgot to photo the result until it had melted a bit, but it tasted great. It hardly matters what fruit you use. This had a frutti di bosco thing going.

My next batch, I added mango pineapple, a few strawberries and cherries.

Better picture. This was closer to a classic strawberry margarita (something the mix does fantastically), but even better, a bit brighter in flavor.


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