Crash Launch Commercials

In honor of the recent 15th Anniversary of my baby Crash Bandicoot, I present collected together the original suite of American TV Ads which premiered in September of 1996. It’s the suit that helped make the Bandicoot what he was.

Thanks to Playstation Museum for collecting and uploading these. You’re hurting my elbow!


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15 comments on “Crash Launch Commercials

  1. Ami Blaire says:

    Hey Andy! Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 15 years! I was just talking about these ads the other day….to date these will go down in history as one of the best campaigns I managed. A definite shout out to the Chiat creative team – the best ever – awesome!

  2. Pat Caldora says:

    Hey Andy, it’s me again. I was zoning around youtube and I found this:

    Was there just one actor who played the Crash suit or numerous?

  3. Haha I like thae cosplay suit.

  4. Gabriele says:

    Those commercials are so funny XD!
    I saw also the ones for Crash Bandicoot 3 and Crash Team Racing. Why For Crash Bandicoot 2 there is only the one with the 3D model of Crash?

  5. Gabriele says:

    Very Funny!
    “Woah! Hello!” XD.
    This kind of commercial exist also for The Wrath of Cortex and for Crash Nitro Kart. (The last one exist also in italian).

  6. Kalle Mattila says:

    Hi! As a great fan of the series, and a musician, I made a couple of short pieces in the style of the old Crash games. After finding out about this site and that this anniversary was quite recently, I just couldn’t resist posting them here. So here’s to Crash and you (although I realize I’m a bit late… at least it’s the right year :D)

    That “plumber boy” had no chance…

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