El Rincon Criollo – Cuban fun

Restaurant: El Rincon Criollo

Location: 4361 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City, Ca 90230. 210-397-9295

Date: September 3, 2011

Cuisine: Cuban / Spanish

Rating: Garlic!


We took our son to the “train store” in Culver City (he loves trains) and this Cuban joint happened to be next door.

They curb sell with this cool 50s era car.

The menu. Mostly Cuban classics.

Bread of course.

Some croquettas (ham and cheese potato fry-balls) with banana chips. I’m not much of a banana fan, but these taste pretty much like potato chips.

And are extra good in this pure garlic sauce.

My son got plantains rice and beans. He loves bananas but for some reason knownst only to 2.75 year-olds would not try them.

But he did like this banana smoothy.

This is salmon in garlic sauce with onions. Rice, fries, and beans on the side.

And shrimp in garlic sauce. The garlic sauce is pretty uber actually, particularly poured over the rice. It did give me a carb coma though.

With the check are these weird little Cuban coconut caramels. Pretty good by my taste.

I’m not a serious Cuban aficionado — yeah I’ve been to various places a dozen or so times, but I’m no expert — but this was certainly tasty. And I do love garlic.

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